How to care for your crystals:

Thank you for purchasing Reiki and Angelic Healing infused crystals, get ready for them to change your life. There are a few instructions that go with having crystals. Treat them like new little pets.

When you receive them, set your intention. Hold each crystal in your right hand, place your left hand on top. Close your eyes and make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. Say out loud what you would like your crystal to do.


The main aspects of caring for your crystals come in 3 forms:

1 Cleansing your crystals

There are many different ways of cleansing crystals; smoke, sound, water etc. My preferred methods are using smoke (or smudging) and using sound, Tingsha Chimes or Tibetan Bells. The easiest way is to use the smoke from sage or incense and pass the crystal through the smoke. Crystals can take out a lot of negativity in your life, but they store it until cleansed, so make sure you cleanse it as much as you feel it is needed. I suggest once a week.

2 New Moon

When a new moon occurs, it is time to set your intentions for your crystals. What would you like it to do for you? For example, a malachite can help you sleep, ease joint pain or bring you abundance or all three. So you need to tell your malachite what you wish for it to do. Hold your crystal in your right hand, place your left hand over it and say your affirmation. Remember the universe brings you something if you act like you already have it. For example if you want your malachite to help you sleep, you say “Thank you for helping me with my restful sleep”. You can repeat the affirmation as much as you want but on the new moon, you will have that surge of energy.

3 Full Moon

The power of the full moon energises the crystals you have. We use crystal energy so it is important to re energise our crystals. Put your crystals on a windowsill on the full moon night to energise them. They do not need to “see” the moon, the power of the moon is enough. Once they are energised, you may see that they look different, more shiny, change of colour, this is totally normal.