Services: Spiritual Queen

Welcome, my Spiritual Queen...

You have some or all (for now) of your qualifications to become a healer, you want to be of service from a spiritual point of view, but you also know you have to pay your you want a successful business doing what you love...well then you are the Spiritual Queen!

What you will get:

I’m here by your side and I will be for 2 months! Taking you through, step by step, no matter where you are in your business, to build up and create a success from your business!

You’ll have DM access to me so you can ask me any questions, we will have weekly calls, work on strategy and ideas! I’ll also be getting in experts in for topics such as branding and you’ll have access to my Rolodex of amazing contacts!

Together we can make you a success, so that you don’t have to quit your day dream, just your day job!

You’ll also have access to the qualifications that I will be offering!

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to Step into your Power, book a discovery call to get started...


Don't just take my word for it...

“Sonali has been pivotal in helping me start Spark Up Your Light! If it wasn't for her this would still be a distant dream. She is the best coach, mentor, healer & friend!! She has helped to transform me into the Spiritual Queen I am today! She has given me the confidence to be me and do me!! Her affirmations, meditations, routines, mindset work have all helped me set the right foundations for starting a spiritual business. I highly recommend her services, she gives you so much of her knowledge. Thank you Sonali, forever grateful!”


Want this to be you?