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I worked with Sonali on the 121 guidance course for two months and what a game changer! She guided me to change my mindset from negative to positive, identify my dream goals and showed me techniques on how to manifest them, with the support of angels, meditation, crystals, reiki and lots more. She also helped me work through past trauma, which I really needed. Sonali changed my whole belief system. She held me accountable to my daily tasks and made me a priority. She was the positivity I needed when I didn't know I needed it.
There are so many ways in which Sonali can help. There is something in this course for everyone. What I love is how approachable and understanding she is. I am so grateful for all her support and I am excited to see how she can help me again in future. Thank you Sonali!


I wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely Sonali from Enigma Healing. I had heard about how amazing she is but I now also have first hand experience myself! Her phone consultation was very detailed and not for a second did she make me feel like I was taking up her valuable time but made me feel super comfortable by referring to things in her own life as examples. She is very intuitive and knows her stuff, she picked up some things I couldn’t put into words over the phone which proves how thorough she is when helping people. I highly recommend her. Thank you Sonali and you will be hearing from me again soon.

Just wanted to say thank you for my card reading today. It made me very reflective towards the end and this afternoon my brain was going into overdrive processing all the positivity and guidance. Really thankful for the recording, as you shared so much amazing knowledge. I would have missed or forgotten some of the amazing nuggets otherwise. Thank you so much again. I don’t know why I didn’t book this earlier!



I’m indebted to you for life for your help in my journey. I’ve come from a weak, broken and anxious woman to a strong-willed, positive and full of energy woman striving to be the best and moving on. Your healing energy is the most amazing that I’ve come across.

Sonali is absolutely amazing. She’s a light in a dark tunnel and has been there for me. A very humble and giving soul who gives her heart and soul to help you.



I would highly recommend Enigma healing. I had an Angel card session with Sonali and it was so accurate and comforting. It’s definitely what I needed and it motivated me to make some changes in my life.
Thank you Sonali.

Sonali is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to crystals & angels. Listening to her it all makes sense! She makes spirituality accessible. I have her beautiful abundance crystal grid & she’s just sent me some crystals which I can’t wait to start working with. Thank you Sonali, you’re a gem.

Roshni Thanki

Sonal Ambasna

I recently had few sessions of crystal healing by Sonali at enigma healing... what can I say.... she has helped me a lot and I recommend her for sure to anyone who would want crystal healing. She is so good, goes through everything, listens & is such a wonderful person.

I contacted Sonali, as I was feeling a little run down and she was fantastic, I couldn't believe that she performed treatments so late at night. I had distant reiki at 11pm and the next day I felt brilliant, I have since recommended her to one of my clients who has thanked me as it has helped her a lot. Thank you Sonali. Oh and she also performed a quick 20mins on my daughter too.

Pragna Pattni

Jalpa Adeshra

I just want to say thank you for my crystals, I love them! I have set my intentions and can’t believe how fast they have started working. I have lost business returning to me! Thank you so much for the personalised consultation, it felt so good knowing that someone understood exactly what I needed. Ill be in touch soon to buy some more crystals!

You know if it weren’t for you I’d be crying and suffering anxiety attacks because of my toxic work environment. That one call and conversation with healing has changed so much for me. I’m strong enough at the moment to challenge being overworked and treated unkindly at work.



Sonali is an absolutely incredible soul. She’s so kind, caring, professional at what she does. I didn’t really know too much about reiki, crystals and angels but from the first call I had with her, Sonali had me at ease and I actually felt like I was talking to an old friend! I initially booked the reiki healing programme with Sonali, which I loved. She took the time out to explain my crystals and the healing was amazing. I really felt the benefits of it. She’s always been available for any questions and comments and just is a really approachable person. I’ve learnt so much from Sonali about myself and she’s always cheered me on too, which I am so thankful for.

I discovered Crystals and Sonali at exactly the right time. Crystals have definitely changed me for the better. I also feel Sonali’s bespoke approach to how she speaks and gives you advice is amazing and it’s one of the reasons I will keep going back to her and recommend her to others. Thanks for all your help.



It’s been over a year since I've been following Sonali at Enigma Healing and honestly it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. My life has changed for the best. Every crystal I have ordered has been dispatched in the given date and the presentations make me want to order more crystals. I recently did a one to one card reading with Sonali and she was flexible on her appointment timings to fit my schedule, which was so helpful. The card reading was a real eye-opener for me to see the things I had been avoiding. Many of my questions were answered as well. I always look forward to Sonali’s New Moon and Full Moon Rituals (on Instagram) as they help me set up my intentions or move forward from the things that do not serve me anymore.

I highly recommend Enigma Healing. Sonali is so passionate about her work and offers outstanding guidance! She’s such a wonderful lady and easy to talk to. I am very new to crystals and angels and Sonali is teaching and guiding me through it all. She inspires me so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sonali’s workshop Angels 101 and look forward to all the other things Sonali has to offer!



Having been in such a low place for the last few months, I knew I had to do something about it. I read quite a few reviews about Sonali on a Facebook recommendation page and contacted her. To my amazement I received a message back straight away and she seemed to have talked me down with just a few words. I had an angel card reading and a crystal consultation without knowing what to expect. Both Sonali and I got extremely emotional through the time we spoke. Sonali and the angels have definitely and I am so ready to make the changes needed. The crystal consultation was extremely detailed and I was given specific details on every single area that needed healing. I know I’ve found such a special soul since the first time we exchanged messages through Facebook. Sonali you are amazing at what you do and I loved every bit of my reading, thank you for bringing positivity into my life. I now understand the higher power of angels and whenever I feel down or stressed I speak to them and they help me through it, so far it’s worked wonders and I know things will only get better.

I'm really not sure where to start with this one but here goes. We all have our insecurities and those little flaws that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves! I want to recommend someone who has helped me along the way immensely.
I recently attended a block booking of Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions with Sonali Bharania from Enigma Healing. We worked on: Self-love, Prosperity, and Abundance Trauma Healing Chakra Balancing and a few other bits Sonali was able to tell me things about my persona that only I knew about, she helped me to feel grounded in what I do, blessed with what I have and are capable and achieving, deserving of success.
She helped me find closure on areas that needed closure. She has immense knowledge on crystal healing.
A bit about her environment; it's clean and peaceful with beautiful scents and above all comfortable enough to provide a relaxing space. Above all you can really feel Sonali's passion in wanting to help others! Highly recommend her Reiki crystal healing service.


Seema Dhanak

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