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Work with me 1:1

Do you need guidance to live the life you have always dreamed of? Do you need that extra push in the right direction? Are you lost, confused and just can quite put your finger on what exactly is going wrong?


My clients have:

  • have manifested everything from new homes, partners, jobs, promotions, babies oh and £15k months!!
  • gone from zero confidence to strutting their stuff in the most amazing way! These women have realised they are enough!
  • Connected women with their angels and the angelic realm so they can better their practice whether it be personal or for their energy healing practice
  • Helped women build their holistic/alternative businesses
  • Worked with women to Heal their past traumas so that they can move forward with joy
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"Sonali is amazing at her job, she can assist you with any blocks you have"

- Anisha

Angels 101

Have you always wanted to connect with your angels and learn how to have a two way conversation with them? Now you can meet your Guardian Angel, connect with Archangel Michael, Raphael, Ariel & Gabriel as well as understand more about angel numbers, how to pray to the angels for support in any aspect of your life and the life of your friends & family.

"Sonali is genuine, empathetic, focused and supportive"

- Marissa

Angel Light by Enigma

This is a monthly subscription group that you can join after completing Angels 101.

This group includes monthly meditations, monthly Q&As with me, an Angel Expert, special guests and so much more. You’ll part of an incredible sisterhood.

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"Sonali is absolutely amazing. She’s a light in a dark tunnel and has been there for me. A very humble and giving soul who gives her heart and soul to help you."

- Ratna

Other ways you can work with me:

Crystal Consultations:

Are you confused by crystals? Let me, a crystal master, take you through exactly which crystals you need and for what. We will have a half an hour zoom call where you explain to me exactly what’s going on and I will advise you with exactly what you need! The consultation includes £40 worth of crystals.

Angelic Healing:

During this one off one hour session I will channel the angels and give you any messages of guidance, love, nurture and support. I will also be calling in Archangel Michael to cut any cords and remove any daggers or hook, I will also call upon Archangel Raphael to give you any healing needed followed by a small card reading and a meditation. If you are feeling lost, sad and in need of love and guidance then this is perfect to bring the joy back to your life again.

Angel Oracle Card Reading:

This is a nine card reading that will guide you and confirm any questions that you may have, this reading confirms matters to do with love and relationships, home and family life and work and career. It also goes through matters that are in your heart and anything that is challenging you. As a bonus, a six month future card reading will be done too.