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I am Sonali Saujani

and I can see angels...

Let me tell you about how I came to that realisation, because it didn’t happen overnight. Stay with me, because its a long one, but I promise its worth it…

As a child, I was always intuitive and sensitive. I could feel and see things that other children couldn’t. In fact, I even recall seeing my grandfather (who’d died long before my birth) tucking me into bed at night. I was never afraid of the things and people I saw, because something inside told me that I was safe.

I truly began to believe in my connection with another world when I was caught up in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in the Maldives. An unknown man saved me… and yet no one could recall who he was or where he’d appeared from. Later, I came to understand that I’d yet again been visited by an angel.

A few years later… I found myself burdened with the weight of anxiety, depression and constant ill health that I just couldn’t seem to get away from.

I worked in child care for probably the worst human ever! I loved the job, the kids and even the parents... and they loved me right back. But this man, the things he said and did would give me anxiety to the next level! Life was not good. Wednesday night and the paramedics would be round with oxygen saying “what triggered it this time Sonali?” Life at work was crap, life at home was crap too. And my mum was my safe space. 

My aunt, seeing my pain, asked if I’d tried crystal healing as she’d experienced incredible breakthroughs during her cancer treatment. I was open to anything and once more headed into the world of holistics.

So much happened in between including the birth of Enigma, that gave me a happy place at my parents house (my cabin was at the bottom of their garden). I was getting better, I rediscovered the angels, began to educate myself on holistic therapies and sought out training in Reiki Mastery, Angel practises and Crystal Healing.

I was working part time and working in Enigma till the wee hours of the morning. Only going back to reality to sleep. What I thought of as a good life, I sort of think to myself now, gosh my standards for a good life were low!!!

Okay so let’s fast forward a bit…2019, my mum suddenly passes away in New York…my whole life falls apart. My support, my best friend, my cheerleader, my everything. Life was upside down the next 11 months was hell. 

Anxiety, Depression and PTSD ruled my life. Something had to change.

September 2020 with the support of my loving Dad…I moved, no ran, to the Cotswolds with my dog Luna…the most beautiful place ever. I began to heal, I began to grow. And what a beautiful place to do it in. Luna and I met our favourite human here. My wonderful partner. I kept him quiet for a while because I truly thought he was too good to be true!!! I found a man who became my everything, he is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, he supports me though everything, even if he doesn’t get how I speak to Angels! We are now living in a gorgeous little bungalow in an idyllic little village, and I am happier than I have been in a long time. 

I manifested this, I know I manifested this incredible life, a client once wrote “Her story continues to inspire me to push myself to do better and achieve greater”. I don’t like to talk about it much anymore, but I am a survivor of Domestic Violence. And I know that I want to share my story to inspire, to push and to create greatness within all of my clients. 

As Elsa says “Show yourself, step into your power; throw yourself into something you. You are the one you you been waiting for all of your life” (Well technically her mum said the last part, but still…its one and the same!)

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I created my dream life…together lets create yours!

"I'm addicted to learning from Sonali."

- Trish

Have you always wanted to connect with your angels and learn how to have a two way conversation with them?

Now you can meet your Guardian Angel, connect with Archangel Michael, Raphael, Ariel & Gabriel as well as understand more about angel numbers, how to pray to the angels for support in any aspect of your life and the life of your friends & family.


"Sonali is wonderful with advice, support and lifting you to have the ability to pursue your goals."

- Anisha

"The happiness she radiates is contagious, such a positive soul who is always so supportive"

- Karen

About Sonali

Crystal Master Teacher

Angel Expert

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Published Author - World of Energy Healing

Coached Countless women who have manifested everything from new homes, partners, jobs, promotions, babies oh and £15k months!!

Worked with women who have zero confidence and are full of fear, helping them to understand their self worth and that they are enough, so they can move with power and confidence

Connected women with their angels and the angelic realm so they can better their practice whether it be personal or for their energy healing practice

Helped women build their holistic/alternative businesses

Worked with women to heal their past traumas so that they can move forward with joy

And so much more...


"The most gracious, kind, caring and humble soul I know. Her guidance and knowledge has changed my life"

- K

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